The Global Challenge

Food, energy and water are inextricably linked and unsustainably supplied. A consequence of the food-energy- water nexus is that we today cannot fulfil our growing basic needs without depleting fossil fuels, nutrients, clean water and soil, a problem that is further aggravated by climate change.

The situation today is unsustainable, and to improve, we must create regenerative processes that restore, replenish and rejuvenate resources, to be able to feed a world population reaching 9 billion people in 2050.


The WA3RM mission and contribution is to develop regenerative industrial infrastructure projects including:

  • project and energy management
  • technical, legal and financial structuring
  • project execution

We combine waste streams and add technology or biological processes and third party sustainable capital to create industries that produce food, feed, fuel and other vital substances. Combine, add, create – that is Regenerative Industry Development.

About WA3RM

WA3RM offers regenerative industry infrastructure bundled with the acquired resources and lease or franchise these to established operators.

The WA3RM model was created over six years at the European Spallation Source, where the WA3RM team was first formed. With combined experience from the energy industry, management consulting, private equity, executive management and entrepreneurship, the WA3RM team has the industrial credibility and knowhow to develop profitable regenerative processes.



Final report step 1 – Industrial Carbon Dioxide Recycling

30th of August 2019
The purpose of the project was to investigate the feasibility of developing competitive carbon dioxide recovery from industrial flue gases to greenhouse cultivation. The purpose and objectives have been met bya calculation being prepared for a solution for recycling and compared with other systems on the market, and with the prevailing market price for CO2. Three business models have been tested for further development, two of which remain interesting for the continued technological development.
Read more in (in Swedish) slutrapport etapp 1 CO2

Final report step 1 – Fish poop

30th of August 2019

The purpose of Fiskbajs was to design a solution that can convert fish farming residual stream into the fertilizers that a greenhouse today buys as NPK based on fossil raw materials. The project has successfully demonstrated two such solutions with positive side effects such as energy production, disruptive business models, increased circular production, which makes the licensing process for aquaculture easier and the production of fish and crops more cost-effective, where both units show a clearly reduced environmental impact.
Read more in (in Swedish) slutrapport etapp 1 Fiskbajs

BillerudKorsnäs signs Letter of intent for the development of regenerative industry.

16th of May 2019

BillerudKorsnäs Frövi and WA3RM want to develop the opportunity to recycle waste heat to drive greenhouses and fish farming in Frövi. The plan is for BillerudKorsnäs in Frövi to contribute waste heat from its operations to heat a large greenhouse, which is built by an external party in connection with the company’s plant in Frövi. The arrangement includes utilising and reusing rainwater, heat and nutrition between greenhouses and fish farming.

A letter of intent has been signed between BillerudKorsnäs and WA3RM. The goal is to produce a clear basis for decision within one year.

– “We see that the cooperation can be a good deal for all parties through resource efficiency in several areas. It also enables circular production, which is fully in line with our sustainability work”, says Ingrid Engström, factory manager at BillerudKorsnäs Frövi and Rockhammar.
Read the full press release, in Swedish, here

WA3RM to perform RAQ for Lidköping municipality

14th of December 2018

WA3RM is assigned a new RAQ in a project run by Lidköping municipality. Abstract and link below:

“Lidköping Municipality has been granted SEK 950,000 by Sweden’s Innovation Authority Vinnova to promote the development of industrial symbiosis in the municipality. Industrial symbiosis is a way of interacting where residues (waste), energy, goods, services and skills from an activity become a resource for someone else. The project will investigate if there is potential for developing the industrial symbiosis there. In the area there are production of liquid biogas, food and energy as well as waste management facilities and also sewage treatment”.
The whole press release here.

WA3RM wins VINNOVA funds for a pre-study: Industrial Carbon Dioxide Recycling

31st of October 2018

A successful application by WA3RM has won early funds from VINNOVA for a feasibility study on industrial carbon dioxide recycling. WA3RM will participate in and coordinate the work in collaboration with Höganäs AB, AWA and Kullatomater AB. The purpose of the project is to investigate the feasibility of developing optimal carbon dioxide recovery from industrial flue gases to greenhouse cultivation, for application in the current project in Höganäs and in future national projects. The goal is to achieve the following:
– An economically sustainable technical solution for recycling carbon dioxide from contaminated flue gases to greenhouses
– A business model for investment, plant management and delivery of carbon dioxide
– A plan for further technological development for the recovery to be powered by recycled heat energy.

The long-term effect is a product with IPR that can recycle CO2 in heavy industrial plants, both nationally and internationally, for example in other regions with cold climate like Canada and China. The product also includes more efficient use of emission allowances. Further information can be found at the VINNOVA website.

For more information and contact send an e-mail to


WA3RM receives VINNOVA funds for a pre-study called “Fish Poop”

31st of October 2018

A successful application by WA3RM has won early funds from VINNOVA for a feasibility study on recycling nutrients from on-land fish farming to a greenhouse with plant-specific drip irrigation. WA3RM will participate in and coordinate the feasibility study in collaboration with Gårdsfisk, Kullatomater and AWA.

The project idea is to develop detailed design of the recycling system between fish farming and tomato
cultivation in an innovation process. The following are set as goals for the project:
– An economically sustainable technical solution for recovering nutrients from a fish farm to a greenhouse
– A business model for investment, plant management and supplies of water and nutrition
– A plan for further technological development including IPR strategy. Further information can be found at the VINNOVA website

For more information and contact send an e-mail to

RePro Food Final Report step 2

1st of May 2017

On behalf of Findus Sverige AB, WA3RM is proud to present the final report for Step 2 of the Final Report RePro Food Step 2.

Project site

WA3RM presents its final report on the VINNOVA project RePro Food

20th  of April 2017

WA3RM is proud to present its final report in the RePro Food project in the form of an information memorandum template, including full investment calculations and P&L, balance sheet and cash flow over 20 years for a fifteen-hectare greenhouse and a 500-ton fish farm.

Project site:
Information Memorandum & Calculations

Summary: RePro Food is short for “Recirculation based production and processing of vegetables and Fish” (Swedish: Kretsloppsbaserad produktion och förädling av grönsaker och fisk). The project is an initiative by Findus Sverige AB to create a recirculating food production system starting with five hectares (ha) of greenhouse and a fish farm for 500 tons’ annual production using waste heat and carbon dioxide from the Findus food processing plant at Bjuv. It is a collaborative effort between Findus Sweden Aktiebolag, Veolia Sweden AB, Royal Pride Sweden AB, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU, Söderåsens Biogas AB, Bjuv kommun and WA3RM AB. RePro Food is generously supported by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA).


Findus och WA3RM i samarbete kring framtidens livsmedelsinnovation

28th of February 2017

Findus Sweden AB has signed an agreement with WA3RM AB to analyse and develop new business opportunities in and adjacent to the plant in Bjuv. Findus finances WA3RM’s work with the aim of creating and developing conditions for innovation, production and job creation within the framework of Swedish food production – primarily local, and secondly regional.

Read the whole press release (in Swedish) here


5th October 2016

Höganäs AB in Sweden has started a cooperation together with the local energy supplier and WA3RM AB to re-use residual heat and carbon dioxide from Höganäs’ plants. The heat will be used for greenhouse cultivation, fish farming and as electricity. The cooperation will not just result in a reduced effect on the environment. It will also profit local entrepreneurs and create more jobs in the area.

Read the whole press release here


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