There’s no time to waste – come join us

The people at WA3RM are a motley crew with one thing in common. We are convinced that bold steps and behavioral change are needed to prevent further and future climate change and to improve conditions for life on this planet. At WA3RM we’ve found a way to make real and lasting impact.

Job opportunities

Open positions will be published here. Meanwhile, send us an open application. We’d love to hear from you!

Our fundamental principles

Core values

Agile and firmly rooted

As pioneers in an increasingly circular world, we are visionary thinkers and fundamentally positive about the future. Still, we know that our path to success must be firmly rooted in sound knowledge and technologies.

No time to waste

It’s not too late to slow down the pace of climate change, but time is of the essence. Wasting it is just as bad as wasting other precious resources. We make quick decisions and never hesitate to act.

Grow together

Collaboration is in our lifeblood. We bring disparate industries, organizations and society together to create a sustainable future for everyone. We nurture an environment where ideas can be shared freely, communication is forthright and supportive, and people are empowered to make a difference.

Please copy us

Life on this planet needs us to take bold steps to prevent climate change. Our regenerative model has the power to make real impact. To gain momentum, we are happy to generously share the knowledge and insights we have gained from collaborations and our projects to inspire others.