Bringing Waste to Life

We develop and finance projects that capture industrial waste streams and put them to good use. We move fast to build facilities that deliver needed outputs, jobs and impact at scale.

WA3RM is a global leader in development of circular industrial projects. We have a rapidly scalable solution to capture and reuse industrial waste and create new products that the market needs. Food, for example.

We’ve already finalized our first commercial facility that produces tomatoes using industrial waste heat. Our solution builds on proven technology, existing know-how and is ready to scale. Industrial circularity so real you can put it on pizza.


The global demand for profitable circular projects is huge and almost
entirely unmet. What a great opportunity.

Our projects

Regnergy Frövi

Where others see waste. We find opportunity.

How it works

To us, every waste stream is a valuable, untapped resource. We connect industries with applications and value-aligned investments to create facilities where industrial waste streams are reused to create new economic opportunities, jobs and impact. We call this bringing waste to life.


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